7 Unique Features of Tesla Model 3


New Tesla Model 3 Car is the newly launched vehicle, The Newly Launched Tesla Model 3 is very Incredible, But the secret behind its incredibility is what will be unfolded in this article. Tesla’s Model 3 does not need a key because it has a Key Fob, the vehicle does not require any sort of object like a key or any other item you might be thinking of while reading my article. 

Tesla is a very popular transportation company but some people might also see it as an energy company because they have the biggest Battery Giga-factory than any other factory in the world. They package, distribute and market these cars for commercial, utility scale projects and even best for home use.

Tesla is built in the third generation of Tesla vehicles the vehicle in its standard form will cost $35,000 in the US and it will be on sale in late 2017. If you want to learn more about Tesla cars visit this link www.elektrek.com

Let’s go back to our main reason of writing today’s topic:

The Secret behind the Tesla’s Model 3 is that it only makes use of your smartphones, very funny right keep on reading for more secrets are yet to be unfolded, This newly launched vehicle only makes use of your Smart Phone’s Bluetooth connection when you get close to it and when you get in it automatically starts the engine.

Hey don’t get all troubled and worried because most of the times Smartphones are not reliable so Tesla’s Company have also produced what they call an NFC Equipped Card that somehow serves as your smartphone but their methods of Application are different. (Sample Image of an NFC Equipped Card)


The new vehicle works with over 50 kw/hr but this is only for the standard version of the vehicles if i must say Individuals who may need Tesla Model 3 for Home use will require  a driver so if you need a professional driver for your vehicle click here.

From personal experience of some users, they explained to my blog that they make use of the NFC Equipped Card by sliding it on the handle of your vehicle which definitely unlocks it outside and starts the engine once again, similar to the Smart Phone Bluetooth method anyway. 
Readers should note that Tesla has been the first car to build, market and distribute cars without keys in the history of Car making.  

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