9mobile Free Browsing Cheats With Shadowsocks Server


Where are all my 9mobile Free Browsing Cheat Lovers?

Have you ever heard of SHADOWSOCKS Server or ShadowSocks itself? Yes or No, Well i am sure that 75% of my readers do not know what shadowsocks is used for. For your information, Shadowsocks is a very good alternative to VPN but the real truth there is that shadowsocks is not quite popular for free browsing cheats, tricks on 9mobile for android and all that but still many people believe that shadowsocks is more reliable and efficient than any VPN.

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Shadow socks makes use of an IP address and a proxy port instead of a URL.

Enough of the brief history or story, today i am going to show you how to use shadowsocks to enjoy free browsing on 9mobile, before you do anything on your android phone quickly rush to your google playstore and download shadowsocks application there for android but if you do not have GooglePlaystore, you can also use this external download link below.

LInk 1: Download Here.
LInk 2: Download Here.
LInk 3: Download Here.
LInk 4: Download Here.
LInk 4: Download Here.
Download from Googleplaystore here.

After downloading the application from Google playstore or the external download links, kindly install it on your android phone and for those of you that downloaded from the external link don’t forget to allow installation of APK files from unknown sources in your phone settings.


Now Register for a Shadowsocks account (optional)
Click here to register for a shadowsocks account. 


Once you have the Shadowsocks app installed on your Android device, you then need to configure it by entering your Shadowsocks account info.

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The Shadowsocks Android app allows you to set up multiple Shadowsocks accounts on it so that you can switch between different accounts for the best performance. Each account is called a “Profile”.

To add a new profile, tab the “Shadowsocks” dropdown menu from the top of the screen and you will see the profile page. You might see a “Default” profile listed there for you to edit and you can tab the big “+” button to add a new profile.

The Shadowsocks Android app provides a number of ways for you to add a new profile, including Manual Settings, San QR Code, NFC, Import From Clipboard.

Let’s do a manual setup by tapping the “Manual Settings” icon. You will see a screen that looks like the picture below. Now use the information below to fill the spaces given…


1) Server =>   
    Port => 23456
    Password=> 06501460
    Encryption => rc4-md5

2) Server =>
    Password=> 88910380
    Port => 443
    Encryption => rc4-md5

3) Server =>
    Port => 443
    Password => 81657950
    Encrption=> aes-256-cfb

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4) Server => s1.x3x.bid
    Port => 1025
    Password=> google
    Encryption=> aes-256-cfb

5) Server => s2.x3x.bid
    Port=> 1024
    Password=> kingss
    Encryption=> aes-256-cfb

6) Server=> s0.x3x.bid
    Port=> 1025
    Password=> google
    Encryption=> aes-256-cfb

7) Sever      => us.frees.bid
    Port      => 443
    Password    => 06904484
    Encrption     = > chacha20

Wow finally MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, Before celebrating Once you have finished configuration a profile, you can go to that profile and then tap on the paper plane icon to start Shadowsocks Free browsing for 9mobile on your Android device.

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