Amazing Things You Can Do With Your Android Volume Keys

In this article today i will show you all amazing things you can do with your android volume keys that you can not imagine, and this amazing things can be done this features are hardly found in the android market. These are android phone tricks and amazing things you can do with your android volume keys. As touchscreen android or smartphones begin to evolve, people always thinks less or give less consideration on the need for physical/hard buttons. 

Function of Volume Buttons
Amazing things android volume keys do

But for me the volume key/buttons on an Android smartphone can not only be used to increase or reduce the sound in your phone, but it can also be used to carry out impressive, wonderful and amazing things that you will continue pondering about after reading this article. These Volume Keys/Button can do do absolutely anything ranging from launching apps to scrolling pages and many more that i will discuss in this article.

1. Launch Your Favorite Apps (Android 4.0+)
This trick can only be used on an android phone with Android version 4.0 and above. By using your volume keys to launch application is quite amazing though and it is also a great way to save your home screen space and access your favorite app without even searching for them or stressing yourself.

2. Wake Your Device (Android 3.0+)

The android volume keys can also be used to perform simple tasks like using them to wake the screen, sounds interesting. It helps to make everything much more easier in your smartphone and for those that have a busted power button, you can make use of your volume keys for this.

3. Scroll Through Pages (Android 4.0+, Root)

This is the most impressive and amazing thing i have admire so far, well scrolling might be easy but with your volume keys, it has become much more easier. You can now use your volume keys to scroll up and down on your smartphone which requires android 4.0 ABOVE or ROOT.

4. Control Music with the Screen Off (Android 2.5 – 5.0, Root) – 
There is no need of unlocking or waking your android phone when your Android Volume keys are healthy and working perfectly, this trick is a very convenient one because it helps in playing/pausing and also skipping of tracks. Before i forget it only functions on a range of android version from 2.5 – 5.0 or ROOT. 

5. Secretly Record Videos (Android 2.3  and above)

You never can tell when you will face a special moment right before your eyes that will be worth capturing, but you can’t really do that right in front of the scene, can you. With the help of your volume keys, you can initiate a secret video recording just like a spy on          Android 2.3 and above.

6. Unlock Your Device (Android 4.0-4.4.4, Root) – 

Also with the help of your powerful volume keys, you can unlock your Android Smartphone with easy and convenience. But only with a secret combination of keys or rather with a sequence of volume key presses.

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7. You can take Photos directly from your Camera, open your camera app in Phone and press any volume key.
8. Record videos secretly with opening your video camera and even when screen is off with volume keys.
9. Turn On/Off Flashlight when there is a blackout you can open you flashlight from specific Phone Sequences with volume.

10. Play Music or Videos: You can Play Music on your android devices by opening your music player selecting your music to play and and specify phone sequence volume.
11. Use Volume keys as a power button when your Power on key is dead or bad

If you’ve got any other volume key tricks, Kindly share them below by using our comment box.

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