Amazon’s New Kindle; Features, Price and Release Date

Amazon’s New Kindle; Features, Price and Release Date
Amazon will release a unique kindle the ultimate “Kindle Oasis” this kindle can also be called “the perfect e-reader for the one percent” because of its amazing and unique features that differentiates it from the last kindle and these features will be stated in this article so watch out!!!

Amazon’s New Kindle Oasis

The new kindle will be officially unveiled today by Amazon, the main reason why this kindle will be much more better than its predecessor is that it is slightly less expensive than its predecessor the price starts at $250 instead of $290. 

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Not only the price, the new kindle oasis has lots of unique and special features such as; a larger 7 inch screen, a standard metallic body and to top it all, it is waterproof. A decade after introducing its first electronic reader the amazon has finally released the first beach ready Kindle, doesn’t that sound great.

Some users were not pleased by the design of the last oasis but the good news is that amazon have basically refined the kindle oasis to have a unique and good look, The new kindle still maintained some attributes; such as its thin (3.4 millimeters) on one end, a larger hump on the other and a sharp 300ppi resolution with 12 LEDs for uniform lighting. 

The Kindle Oasis actually feels balanced when you hold it on one hand unlike the predecessor. The big change this time is the large screen that was increased from 6 Inch E-Ink to 7 inch which Amazon stated that can hold 30% more text than before. 

Amazon’s New Kindle Oasis

The new kindle’s larger frame makes it a little heavier (194g – 0.194kg) compared to that of its predecessor (131g – 0.131kg). The Oasis does not feel as unnaturally light as the last kindle, which makes it my favourite aspect of that electronic reader. But still, the new model is by far the best Kindle I have ever held because it has a well-structured and standard metallic body. Before I forget as I mentioned above, the Oasis is also waterproof with an IPX8 rating. It was stated by Amazon that the new Kindle Oasis can withstand up to two meters of water for 60 minutes (GREAT!!!). I think this kindle will be the best to hold on to at the beach.

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Amazon also added a battery into the kindle oasis that can last long for up to six weeks of reading time compared to the last model that only had two weeks of juice on the electronic reader. 

The new kindle oasis will also be released with support for Audible audiobooks. Which simply means you can now connect it to any Bluetooth audio device and easily switch between the spoken word version of a book and the text version. But you will still have to buy the Audible and Kindle releases separately. 

Amazon also added helpful accessibility features in the kindle. You can make the display invert black and white, by giving it a black background and white text (black and white). Amazon’s main aim of adding this accessibility feature is just to make it easier for users to read at night. Which we all know you can never find that on the E-Ink display of its predecessor. Amazon also reported that they had to add/install some custom hardware to make it work. 

Amazon’s New Kindle Oasis

Amazon also added an additional font size and boldness settings to their new oasis, which gives users more access to edit/change how text appears on the Oasis’s larger new display. 

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The new Oasis price starts at $250/£230 with a massive 8GB internal storage, but don’t forget that there is also a $280/£260 model with 32GB of internal storage. You can preorder the Oasis today or anytime from now, and before I forget, Amazon will start shipping the kindle oasis out on October 31st.

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