Apple iPhone X Review: Specs, Price and Features

iphone x review, specs, buy, price, release date

The iPhone X has been released, after years of interactive, amazing and encouraging changes that apple has made so far (yearly), they have really changed what it means for an iPhone to be a real iPhone and this changes are all in the iPhone X. So many features have been upgraded, changed or even absent in the iPhone X, Home Button? Forget it, Touch ID? Gone, Bezels?… enough, i hope you all know where i am going with this. Wow, iPhone X is finally here, and it is definitely a proof that the old ways aren’t the only ways.


Battery life seems uncontested
Lack of Home Button makes the iPhone very easy to control(EASE OF ACCESS)
Definitely, not all the apps use the whole screen
Yea, every selfie is a HIT-OR-MISS


The iPhone x has been released with the greatest improvement from iPhone ever with lots of exciting and amazing features that out-stand other smartphones in the iPhone market, it has been the greatest ever in the history of iPhones and without any doubt i would like to say that Apple has built a seriously impressive and amazing device. The iPhone X is cherished by users because of its comfortable design without any home button, its body design, amazing screen features and also its overwhelming performances it has made so far. 

It will definitely take some time to get used to the FACE ID recognition that will help replace the Home Button, but i am a 100% sure that if you stick with it, the iPhone X will be the easiest device to make us of on earth. 


iphone x review, specs, buy, price, release date

The previous iPhone’s screen is just too small for me while the iPhone X is much more better and definitely more my speed. The iPhone X has landed in a sweet spot if i must say, its a little wider and taller than its predecessor, the iPhone 8 but its longer than the 8 Plus. The iPhone X is much more comfortable to use and hold on the palm unlike other iPhone’s.    

What’s more to say, the X is just an amazing built device that is superior to Apple’s exact standard that was intended to be built, the tight construction of the iPhone X is just surprising, the iPhone X is not just for looks if you all must know, the iPhone is rated IP67 for water and dust resistant.  

The absence of the Home Button has changed the way we interact with the iPhones, to be specific the iPhone X. But even though the Home key is absent, the wake key hasn’t gone anywhere. In fact the wake key is even bigger and while holding it down, it helps to fire up your SIRI. 
The new iPhone X is powered by the apple’s A11 Bionic chipset and an average 3GB of RAM, the new iPhone is available with either 64GB, 128GB or 256GB of storage just like its predecessors, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

Finally, I also noticed that the iPhone X speakers have upgraded a lot more than how they used to be, the X sounds more better and even prettier without a pair of headphones to listen to music. The Video and Music play are surprisingly loud with the exact channel distribution of base and sound. 


iphone x review, specs, buy, price, release date

The iPhone X sports an amazing 5.8-inch OLED panel screen that was mainly built for the X, the beautiful screen isn’t as powerful as other screens you will find out there in the android or iPhone market. The X also supports HDR 10 and Dolby Vision for useful touches. The fact that the X’s screen measures 5.5 inches diagonally, it sounds more encouraging and impressive than the iPhone 8 Plus, the X is also more comfortable to hold on the hand than the 8 Plus.  


iphone x review, specs, buy, price, release date

The new X runs a very high version of its kind, iOS 11, but i know that is definitely not the version you have hoped and prayed to be released for months now. Since apple removed the home button they had to rewrite the rules for how we interact with the iPhone X.

The iPhone X comes with two features that every one including YOU and I can’t stop talking about which is the Face ID and Animoji. The former directly replaces the Touch ID fingerprint sensor with a very impressive infrared camera system that turns the shape, form and outline of your face into password, the latter practically makes use of the camera system to map your face’s movement onto 12 emoji so that you can make a cute yellow kitty.


iphone x review, specs, buy, price, release date
Yes, the iPhone X was released with a 12MP dual camera but i think its the same we got in the iPhone 8 plus though, Its verytically oriented ulike the 8 Plus and any photo taken with the main camera don’t look any different from the iPhone 8 Plus. Compared to the X’s predecessors, the iPhone X captures more vivid colours than any other iPhone and the way images are processed now entails more details and features. 

The only different and most important difference between the iPhone X and its predecessors is that the telephoto is now much wider than before with f/2.4 aperture and optical image stabilization. The iPhone X produces more noticeably crisper images that the iPhone 8 Plus 


iphone x review, specs, buy, price, release date
For so many users that were hoping that this $1,000 iPhone would provide significant boost in performance, I am very sorry. Apple did not add any improvement or whatsoever in the performance, the X uses the same chipset as that of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus (A11 Bionic Chipset) in terms of H.P.

Whenever you are doing something that really requires little or more juice like toying around with some reality/virtual apps, playing games, the X automatically helps to add some extra cores to make your app or games very fast and really juicy.


iphone x review, specs, buy, price, release date

Apple didn’t get absolutely everything right, the notch is kind of weird, the design also needs a little or even more polish but still the fact that APPLE redefined and redesigned the iPhone X means that the X has much right to be called a big deal. This is just the beginning of the future itself so don’t think that this will be the last from apple.

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