Can AI Robots Attack Humans In Future


A robot sometimes called a droid where the name Android was practically originated from for smartphones, ROBOTS or AI is a machine programmed by a computer to carry out task(s).

Robots rise will harm the earth as well as we humans living inside it in the nearer future, Robots are energy hungry and this fact therefore increases the damages or harms we humans do not concur with on earth.

Robots that are not properly and technically designed causes malfunction in the process of using them, Moores law states that the amount of transistors in a microprocessor chip will increase after some years, the functioning parts will begin to become weak after some years and therefore lead to the robots in-ability to carry out some tasks resulting to obsession.

Most robots are built will human like characteristics which makes them very obsessed and when robots are obsessed due to the fact their that they are outdated and most parts needs to be replaced, they malfunction and it will definitely hurt their owners by injuring them.

If you own a malfunctioning robot, i will advice you try to replace them by selling them out after a couple of years or consult a Robotic Engineer in order to avoid malfunctioning. If any of my opinion does not work out, you will have to buy a new robot.     

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