Can iPhone-X Tell The Difference Between Two Identical Twins?

The iPhone X can’t tell the difference between identical twins. iPhone X Face ID Twin Test.
The iPhone X has a weakness for identical twins, the X can’t really tell the difference. Since it’s the first Apple device to include Face ID it doesn’t seem so perfect if i must say, it has a weakness for identical twins. The Face ID technology can be used to unlock the phone, verify Apple pay, and totally replaces the previous fingerprint scanner that was present in the X’s predecessors e.g iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

iphone x face id twin test
Apple’s new face ID according to the company stated that;
“The Face ID recognition is more secure than the Touch ID that was present in previous iPhones. The Face ID has a 1-in-1 million false acceptance rate (or identifying someone else as you), which is much more better than the touch ID, which has a 1-in-50,000 false acceptance rate”
Source: Apple
After series of tests, the Apple’s Face ID is a very powerful and consistent hands-free unlocking strategy that was newly implemented by Apple. The iPhone X is very good in recognition even when wearing a hat, cap or even a wig.
After Apple released Face ID feature in September, the did warn its users that however, its 1-in-1 million false acceptance recognition rate might give problems with two people with very similar DNA such as identical twins and even siblings.

To test Face ID’s Twin-ID-ing abilities, we had one sibling register his face on the iPhone X, check that he could open the iPhone X by taking a gander at it and after that hand the X to his indistinguishable twin sibling. 
With the two arrangements of twins, the other twin opened the iPhone X, despite the fact that neither one of the twin had enrolled his face with Face ID on the iPhone X. With the Franklin twins, we had the two siblings remove their glasses and had the other sibling register. Once more, Face ID failed to differentiate. 

See, Apple never guaranteed Face ID was impeccable and, in my tests, it couldn’t be tricked by photographs or recordings of my enrolled confront. All things considered, these outcomes don’t look good for all the indistinguishable twins out there, to state nothing of triplets and quintuplets. This is, incidentally, a test Microsoft says its Windows Hello Facial acknowledgment innovation apparently didn’t come up short. 

Since Face ID is sponsored by intense silicon and calculations — it even figures out how your face changes after some time — we can dare to dream that Apple will keep on strengthening Face ID’s twin-recognizing capacities. Meanwhile, indistinguishable twins will likely utilize a password on the iPhone X.

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