Download Microsoft Edge Browser For Android and iOS

Microsoft recently announced their intentions of bringing its Edge Browser to iOS and Android users to download, as Microsoft also works to enlarge its reach on third-party mobile devices such as tablets. After the Edge browser was available in only preview form sometime ago, the browser application hits iOS and Android’s respective stores for download.
download microsoft edge browser for android and ios

The new smartphone or mobile version of the app offers many features that are enjoyed by tablet or PC users such as; Favorites, Reading list and also new tab pages.

Microsoft also added a couple of amazing features to the edge browser that will be new to Microsoft users such as; Roaming passwords, users now have the ability to synchronize passwords on both mobile and desktop version.

The company also added a dark theme, offering a black desktop instead of the old white/gray theme which is preferred on some eyes.

At the very least additions like Edge and Cortana to android and iOS will make it more easier for Windows 10 users to have their existing smartphones play nice with their PC.


Download Microsoft Edge Browser  – Playstore

> Download Microsoft Edge Browser  – iOS Apple Store


Microsoft has been making great improvements lately, ranging from their new AI-powered Chinese app that will teach you how to speak Chinese in no time to their newly upgraded browser (epic browser) which is now outstanding among other browsers after being released
They are also  planning to support tab syncing and the iPad at some point in the future, but both features probably won’t arrive until next year (2018).

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