Facebook temporarily stops advertisers from filtering by race

The Popular Social Network (Facebook) have temporarily stopped advertisers from filtering races in their advertising platform (i.e) advertisers won’t be able to post ads on Facebook to target a specific ethnic group or races. Some time ago, ProPublica discovered they could post ads on Facebook that will be physically hidden from some ethnic or racial groups.

facebook temporarily stops advertisers from filtering races
In response to ProPublica’s discovery,  Facebook temporarily halted this advertising feature so that advertisers won’t be able to filter races while advertising and they are still trying to investigate how this feature has been used –either legally or illegally–.

Facebook stated today that “Until we can better ensure that our tools will not be used inappropriately, we are disabling the option that permits advertisers to exclude multicultural affinity segments from the audience for their ads,” Source: Facebook

Facebook is temporarily suspending this feature known on its advertising platform as what they have earlier called ‘multicultural affinity marketing’ targeting option, while it looks into how advertisers exclude groups. Their investigation will also go beyond ethnicity and race to understand how individuals, groups, community or country from other locations, like those from religious groups, LGBT community are being excluded from this advertising tool.

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Finally, adverts that target special racial or ethnic groups will start receiving extra scrutiny before appearing on Facebook even before going live, and the advertisers will also have to confirm that they comprehend both anti-discrimination law and Facebook’s policies.

Also, all ads will get a button in the top right hand corner flagging them for full review. These few changes and requirements will be added over the next few weeks.

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