Google set to shut down GooglePlus after major data breach


Google set to shut down GooglePlus
Google plus to shutdown. The company has finally concluded plans to shut down it’s ill-fated social network Google Plus
why Google wants to shut down Google+
This happened after major data breach which left data and personal information of over 500,000 users exposed. 
The news came in the wake of a previously undisclosed security flaw. 
The flaw exposed the data of the profile of users.
 Google rather chose to remain silent after the breach instead of publicly announcing it like Facebook did during it’s famous Cambridge Analytica scandal.


Before Google made it’s official statement, Wall Street Journal reported that that the leaked info contained name, gender, age, occupation, email address, and more. Privately listed data leaks occurred notwithstanding.
Surprisingly, Google says the social media app will be off by August 2019. However, it’ll continue to serve the businesses.
The bug remained active since 2015 to 2018, and Google just discovered it March this year; during this period, the flaw has already affected more than 500,000 users. However, Google claims to have no evidence that suggests that any external developer or app had access to the data.

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