GoPro Hero 6 Review (Slow-mo): Full Specs, Price and Release Date

The new GoPro Hero 6 Camera is the latest camera from GoPro this October, In this article we are going to review the GoPro Hero 6, its price and release date. The GoPro Hero 6 Out-stands its predecessor, the Hero 5 with lots of upgraded and unique features that will be stated in this article. The Hero 6 and Hero 5 look very much alike because of their structure so it will be difficult to tell their difference physically.

GoPro Hero 6 Review
GoPro Hero 6 Review

The only possible way to find out the difference physically between these GoPro Cameras is the small grey on gray texts on the Hero 5 and before i forget, another way to find out their physical difference is by inspecting both Cameras closely and you will find out that the word “mode” on the Hero 5 has been replaced by the word “power“, If you look at the GoPro Hero 6, it’s nearly impossible to tell it apart from the Hero 5.

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I used the Hero 5 and Hero 6 for some minutes and the difference, improvements and reliability became very clear and apparent for me. The GoPro Hero 6 has upgraded a lot after i tested it myself unlike its predecessor, the features that you might find very unique and interesting in the new Hero 6 are stated in the next paragraph so watch out.

The new hero 6 has been upgraded and finally launched with lots of exciting features that i will state in this article, the Hero 6 will be released to have good, reliable and standard stabilization, GoPro didn’t forget to add the manual control of exposure which was physically absent in the Hero 5 and i know most of us will be expecting this feature in the hero 6 so it has finally been added.

Not only did they add manual control for exposure, the image processor in Hero 6 was also upgraded which means that we all can now get good and quality pictures from the GoPro Hero 6, the Hero 6 is far more superior to the Hero 5 in so many ways that i have stated in this paragraph but there is one more feature that makes the Hero 6 outstand the hero 5 and also this feature will make every individual wish to have the hero 6. The Hero 6 has been upgraded to have a very special and unique feature that makes it superior to its competitors, the feature is that, the new GoPro hero 6 provides its users with a large selection of slow-motion options which implies that you can now create slow motion videos 

with slower speed at your own wish. 

GoPro Hero 6 Review
GoPro Hero 6 Review

Hero 6 is practically the first camera to to be launched with the company’s custom GP1 image processor, the video frame-rates have been increased to the highest level if i must say which implies that the Hero 6 is the slow-mo lovers dream. The camera will be released with improved, standard and quality image stabilization alongside with manual exposure settings for their demanding users. The camera will be released at an increased rate unlike its predecessor, the Hero 6 will cost $499 unlike Hero 5 that was sold at a cheaper rate ($400).

GoPro never had an image stabilization processor built in but this time they have improved a lot, ranging from the image stabilization processor added, manual exposure settings for their users and upgraded framerates for slow motion video recording, the only aspect that did not change between the GoPro hero 5 and hero 6 is the body design. 

GoPro’s new Hero 6 camera makes use of HEVC (Meaning: High Efficiency Video Coding) compression to perform high frame-rates video recording with high speed, this HEVC format is not universally supported can pump out high-framerate video, it’s using HEVC compression for most of the new speeds. This file format isn’t universally supported yet because all the mac users cannot open the HEVC files but with the help of the new Elmedia Player, the HEVC files can now be played on mac. You can download yours here.

The main reason why so many companies and other users out there like the HEVC player for Hero 6 is that it helps to keep your video recording file sizes very low but still maintains its quality, the HEVC player can help reduce 44% of file size unlike other media players.

GoPro Hero 6 Review
GoPro Hero 6 Review

Enough of the HEVC player, the first improvement I noticed with the Go Pro Hero 6 is that absolutely everything looks unique and more sharper, I tested both cameras and noticed that while using the GoPro Hero 6, trees are much more textured and sharper unlike when i used the Hero 5. The hero 6 also showed a high level of detail and contrast with clouds that its predecessor the hero 5 could not display.

The sharpness in the Hero 6 is also aided by improved color, too. Everything on the Hero 6 (using the “GoPro” color mode) simply pops, The Hero 5’s images looked very dull and gray to me, while the Hero 6 showed a broader range of colors which made it absolutely unique..

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Another amazing feature in the GoPro Hero 6 that can never be found in the Hero 5 is the new linear zoom option, with the help of GoPro, now users can make use of a slider to dial in the amount of zoom/field of view that you actually want and that is the exact reason why i say that the Hero 6 gives its users total control over what’s in the shot. 

The newly launched Hero 6 will cost you more to afford unlike the Hero 5 which retains its $399 launch price till today, users will only have to add up an extra $100 before they can afford the Hero 6, the GoPro Hero 6 has other competitors like the Sony’s X3000 which only costs $400 but lacks the higher frame-rates option you will get in the Hero 6. The Go Pro Hero 6 has been launched and is available for sale.

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