How To Browse on Whatsapp and Other Apps on 9mobile With Office VPN


Hello Readers, I hope you all know that 9mobile Mobile Network is the best and most used network for surfing and browsing on the internet in Nigeria, 9mobile offers their users with glowing bonuses, offers, tariff plans and so many other things they can offer to keep their users satisfied with their services.

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So to everyone using 9mobile including LUQTECH, i will like everyone to know that you can now chat for free without paying a dime on 9mobile. 

So, who can guess what today’s VPN is? Well you can use the comment box for that LOL.

Today we are going to make use of a very unique VPN the ……….

Office VPN  – This application lets you surf the internet at any time and the most interesting part is that, this VPN does not need any manual configuration settings such as; proxy server, proxy port etc. but rather it automatically detects a very strong server for your 9mobile network.

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Kindly follow my steps all the way till the end to enjoy unlimited chatting with 9mobile and also unlimited surfing on all applications such as; instagram, twitter, facebook, wechat and thousands of them you can think of (If there is,……)

Firstly, Download Office VPN here

Download From Google Playstore

External Download Link 1
              ”           Link 2
              ”           Link 3 

For those of you using the external download link, dont forget to allow acess to install application from unknown sources in your phone settings.

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Install the application, Launch the application.
Turn on your data connection to the 9mobile SIM card.
Select ‘GO‘ from the Office VPN homepage.


Now you can surf Whatsapp Messenger for free with 9mobile 

The steps above entails how 9mobile users can surf on whatsapp for free but if you want to surf on other applications kindly keep on reading.

Launch Office VPN.
Select Proxy settings in the option menu.
Select App Proxy.


Now toggle on ‘if enabled only apps selected will pass via office VPN 
Tap +Add and select all the applications you desire to add as shown in the diagram below


Now Go Back To Your Office VPN HOMEPAGE and Select GO to continue surfing on Whatsapp, We Chat, SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter For Free.

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