How To Download Free On UC MINI Using 9mobile Via Office VPN

How To Download Free On UC MINI Using 9mobile Via Office VPN
Download Free on UCMINI Using 9mobile VIA Office VPN

To my free browsing cheat lovers, 9mobile is back and riding on better with Ucmini Browser and a popular VPN, the Office VPN enables users to download and surf the internet for free on UC MINI Browser.

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According to 9Mobile “9mobile is here for you and here for 9ja” so it’s time to enjoy unlimited browsing and downloads on that 9Mobile Mobile Network. Office VPN is  a very popular and easy to use, Simple one touch to connect and you are up and ready to go!

it has Unlimited bandwidth to use and there are many proxy servers from different countries that you all can select from and also before i forget, the VPN Protect Privcy helps to keep your browsing secure which makes other internet users unable to find your location easily.

The office VPN has been in use for a while now, which works perfectly with Whatsapp and it is very slow with other apps and browsers but i have found a way to make it download using the UC MINI without scratch.

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Today i will show you how to download on UC MINI browser using office VPN application. Users can stream videos, download/upload songs and also surf the internet for free without data charges.

What Do You Require?

    An Android Smartphone
    A 9Mobile SIM with 0.0kb balance and stable 3G/4G Network.
    An Office VPN,     Click here to Download 
    UC Mini Browser, Click here to Downloa

After downloading and installation of your VPN, launch your office VPN app.
Select “Proxy Settings” at the right hand side.
Select “+ADD” and also select the UC MINI Browser you have downloaded earlier on.

How To Download Free On UC MINI Using 9mobile Via Office VPN
How To Download Free On UC MINI Using 9mobile Via Office VPN

Mission Successful, now go back to your Office VPN homepage and click the connect button and wait for the magic.

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You can add more  applications by repeating the procedures i stated earlier above.

Select Proxy Settings at the right hand side of the app.
Select +ADD and select any application of your choice

Anytime the app disconnects, do not be stressed because is a form of monetization from the developers so to fix this problem, kindly reconnect the application.

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