How To Get Up To 500GB on Airtel For Free


Where are my free browsing cheat lovers? I have something something very unique and different from what you have been seeing on this blog, this tweak will give an accumulated data of a total sum of 500 Giga Byte or more if you are devoted and interested.

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Some Airtel users have been busy accumulating data from social bundles plan that they cannot exhaust because the data is too large and the funniest part of the plan is that, it can only be used on Whatsapp, Black Berry Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and some other social media networks that i did not mention but you can list them for your self.

Most of you all reading this article might have come across this social bundle plan while some are just hearing this for the first time, it might sound strange to few people.

Now, follow the steps below to enjoy free browsing on Airtel with this social bundle plan:

  1. Before doing anything, kindly migrate to SmartTRYBE Tarrif Plan, If you cannot migrate or you do not have any idea on how to migrate, kindly dial *312# to be automatically migrated.
  2. Now Dial *688*1# to activate 1GB (Giga Byte) for free, to continue accumulating, continue dialing *688*1# until you are tired of pressing the button. If you are trying to dial the code above, you might be getting silly replies that hurts you like ‘APPLICATION DOWN‘ or other annoying replies but don’t mind the replies and continue dialing the code, IT MUST WORK!!! 
  3. HOW TO USE THIS CHEAT ON BROWSERS APPLICATIONS TO DOWNLOAD AND STREAM VIDEOS: Today, we are going to use a very popular VPN called Psiphon Handler. Download Psiphon Handler Here, we can also make use of other VPN’s to browse on other browser applications and such VPN’s are; Sypon Shield, Quencee, Netify and Pronet so you can equally download and make use of them.
  4.  Install Psiphon handler and configure your Airtel mobile network with the settings below: 

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Access Point Name (APN) :
Access Point Name (APN) type:  default,supl
Proxy Server:                           Not set

Proxy Port:                               Not set
Username:                               Internet

Password:                                Internet

Now after configuring your mobile network with the settings above, kindly launch Psiphon Handler and configure it with the following settings below:

Launch the Application,
Tick Remove Port
Proxy Type: Real Host
Proxy Server:
Real Proxy Type: HTTP
Real proxy Port:  Kindly select 80 or 8080 as a proxy port.

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Now Happily Hit the SAVE button because you have almost completed the steps.
Select ‘Tunnel Whole Device’ From the pop up box that appears.
From the region option you can select one from the follow below:

United States




Select More Options, Untick all boxes you see there……
Now go back to your Psiphon handler homepage and select ‘START’ to connect and surfing the internet with free data for 25 days depending on your plan.

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