How To Hack Wi-FI Password For Android Devices

Do you want to enjoy free browsing on your android devices without even buying data plans? Yes and i also know you all are tired of buying data plans always when there are WI-FI Networks around you. 

Some might be protected with WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy: A security protocol that is designed a Wireless Local Area Network with a limited level of security), WPA2 Protection which is quite unlimited while some will not even have any password protection but only if you are lucky.

How To Hack WEP Routers For Android Devices?
Step 1:    Your First Step is to Root Android Device and most Android Devices are not compatible with this feature but i will list some Phones that support rooting after this step, These supported Android Devices Include:

  • Galaxy S1-S5 or Higher
  • Infinix Note 1 – 4
  • Nexus 7 and Nexus 1
  • Desire HD
  • And any other phones that have higher versions and Good Build Version
  • If any Any Device is not Included here that you know of please comment and it will be reviewed

    Step 2:    This Step is not a very difficult one but it requires you to download an application from the internet (BCMON) this .apk software is very necessary to your success in hacking any WEP WI-FI password around you so you must download this application (Click Here To Download) and don’t forget to allow installation from unknown sources in your android device.

    Step 3:     Install BCMON after download it from the link i gave you in (Step 2) above, After installation, run the app and select “Enable Monitor Mode” from the options menu. If this device does not work, it definitely means that your phone is not supported with the application and you can also take a look at the list of supported phones for the application by navigating upward.

    Step 4:     Select Run BCMON Terminal located at the options menu this will run a terminal requesting for you to input instructions (Type: airodump-ng) and select enter button on your keypad, it will request for another instruction again so please (Type: airodump-ng wlan0) select enter on your keypad again. Now, you can select any WEP Protected WLAN Network around you that you wish to hack.

    Step 5:      Scan the WLAN Network, after scanning quickly type 

    (airodump-ng -c channel# –bssid MAC Address -w output ath0) 

    Note that you can replace the # after channel with any number that the application is broadcasting, Replace the MAC Address with the real MAC Address of the router and keep scanning until you get to a total of 15,000 packets.

    Step 6:      Now that you have enough packets, you can attempt to start cracking the password. To crack the password (Type: aircrack-ng output*.cap) and then select enter in your keypad.

    Step 7:      Finally you have cracked the WEP Password. The Application will display key found (e.g) 23:45:2:45:56 but you have to type it like 234524556.

    How To Hack WPA2 Routers For Android Devices?

    To gain access to any WI-FI network there are two different things involved; Root and No Root. The first method we used to crack WEP Password was Root and this method normally takes some time to accomplish. But to Hack WPA2 Router we are going to use No Root Method.

      This Method will require you to download a list of .apk applications that will be stated below but make sure that you are using  an Android Device with higher versions to avoid waste of time (Android version 3 upward will do the Job).
      These applications are top class that consume lots of space but they also work effectively to help hack any WIFI Network around you !I mean any!.
      Note: Only the first application will be explained briefly.

      Step 1:   After downloading the application, install it on your phone, select the refresh option at the top side of the Andro Dumper Application.
      Step 2:   After selecting the refresh options, the application automatically scans to detect WPA2 WLAN Networks in your Area but this might take some time(#5 Minutes).
      Step 3:  The device now automatically scans the APN of the Network and Provides the password by guessing only the 6 first letters correctly.


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