How To Tweak/Change Android Device IMEI Code

How To Tweak/Change Android Device IMEI Code

Tweaking has been the major key in the history of Free Browsing in Nigeria. Changing your Android Device IMEI Code helps to save your money because i know most of you are tired of buying data plan always. So, with this trick you will never lack data no matter what; by changing your IMEI code you are going to enjoy lots and lots of unlimited opportunities if only you follow my steps carefully.
Let me briefly discuss IMEI before we proceed.

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Note: I advice you copy out your original Phone IMEI Code before folowing these steps.

IMEI is a 15 digit code that every Android Device and USB Modem must have (e.g. 55551-12567-34341) and for those of you that have read my posts on how how to Unlock Any USB Modem to Support All Networks >>link, you will get to know more on IMEI there.
IMEI as an acronym simply means 
I = International
M= Mobile-Station
E= Equipment
I = Identity
IMEI =  International Mobile-Station Equipment Identity

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Now I believe you understand a little about IMEI.
The steps are stated below:

1. Before you start any thing you have to download the APK Applications below:
IMEI Analyzer:              Download Here 

MTK Engineering Mode: Download Here 

2. We will make use of the IMEI Analyser for a start.
You have to know the identifying number of the phone you want to change e.g 345421630 and this numbers are called the legit numbers which are not to be changed and after getting the first nine you can add other five numbers of your choice e.g 345421630+22134 but still its remaining one number right, so lets proceed.

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3. The last number is known as a check digit so you cannot just add it randomly. 
Open your IMEI Ananlyser Application and input the 14 digit code and it will automatically analyze your 14 digit code and add the check digit to your code which makes it a complete IMEI Now e.g 345421630+22134+7.

You can skip this step above if you already have an IMEI code you want to tweak your android device with. Click on this link to get 9mobile/Etisalat free browsing IMEI Code. >> www.netbadocom/dsfsdfdf

4. Open your MTK Engineering Mode Application in your phone 
Click on MTK Settings
Swipe your screen to the left side to view other options

Select CDS Information

Select Radio Information

Select SIM 1 or SIM 2 (Your Choice)

Type E on your Keypad and you will see some options

If you want to tweak SIM 1 select AT+EGMR=1,7,“Type your IMEI code here”
For SIM 2 AT+EGMR=1.10,”Type of IMEI Code Here”

Click on Send AT Command 
A pop up message will appear ” AT Command is msent”
Power on your Airplane Mode and then turn it off again.

Mission Successful (To confirm Dial *#06#)

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