How To Use Airtel 2G Data-Plan on 3G/4G Network

How To Use Airtel 2G Network Data on 3G?, How To Browse on 3G network with 2G on Airtel Network?, How To Use 3G Network On Airtel 2GB/4GB 2G Network Data?

how to use airtel 2g data on 3g network

I have heard so many complain from my friends, new and esteemed users of Netbado Blog that the Airtel 2G data plan is very slow and therefore there should be a solution to it. The Airtel 2G plan can only be used on a 2G network, this process requires you to change your network settings from 3G – 2G before it can connect.

Today, i will be showing you how to use this Airtel 2G data to browse on a 3G Network, other blog owners have posted about this same topic using a script manager tool, turbo changer script and all that but it didn’t work, i also saw in comments how users complained bitterly that it didn’t work for them. 


Very well, mine is working perfectly, verified and tested. I will be dropping the tweak to use your Airtel 2G network on a 3G network.
Firstly, kindly subscribe to the 2G data plan by dialing *482#, select your preferred amount and data plan to continue. 

Download Protect VPN from Google Playstore or from an external source here

Note: Kindly make sure to keep your network mode in 2G Only before opening the VPN.
After download Protect VPN from any link above, kindly launch the VPN app.
Now, browse a page using the 2G Network and then open your Protect VPN and ON it.
Finally, change your network mode to 3G and start browsing with superb speed. 
Thank you all for your time, i hope it worked for you all, if you have any question or contribution to make kindly use the COMMENT BOX and don’t forget to use the SHARE BUTTON below.

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