How to use your android phone as dash cam in your car

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How to use your android phone as your dash cam in your car

Step one: Get a good dash mount

dash cam
Just get a good dash cam gear that can hold your phone very well, a good example is the  $10 INCART Rearview Mirror Phone Holder. However, there are lots of other great options out there, just get the one that best suit your need and buy it. Get one that doesn’t obstruct your view while driving because if it does, the police might use it as an excuse to charge or extort you.

2: You need good car charger and long USB cable

Your  phone needs to be charging while driving.  that is why you need a good car charger with USB long enough to reach the charging port depending on the position you decide to mount the phone.

3: Install ‘dash cam app’ from Google playstore

dash cam
There are many android dash cam apps on Google playstore to be install on the smartphone. Example  autoguard, AutoBoy Dash Cam and Black Box.
 It has features that will remind you why a smartphone makes for a better dash cam that the ones you can buy. You’ll find features like auto-start and stop, GPS tracking, speed etc.
This is all easy to figure out how to use. Put the mount in place, put your phone in it, and run the cord so it won’t get tangled up in anything. Make everything nice an neat.


Dont ever leave your phone in your car after driving
Avoid using your phone during hot weathers, but if your car has a functional air conditioner , that solves it

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