I-Phone 8 Speculations, Features, Price and Release Date.

I-Phone 8 has been trending in the news for some time now and i believe you all are  wondering how it will look most especially its shape, storage capacity, Memory or RAM and so much more you are thinking of right now while reading this article.

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So, that is the reason i have decided to write on its features and capability so i will be very happy if you read, share and comment fast with friends and families.

Apple has been planning to release something unique and different from other versions of I-Phones, and Apple and its team do not think any Company can compete with their I-Phone 8 in terms of the quality of hardware provided in the phones. The most amazing fact is that the I-Phone 8 will not will contain the Home Button but there will be included a Home To Touch ID Finger Print Censor and an amazing selfie shooter.

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Enough of the explanation so lets go back to our main topic
Most of you will be wondering what the features are while reading this article so just tighten your seat-belts and get ready.

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1. Battery Power – It has a non-removable battery power

2. Camera Features (Back)    

16-20 MP of Camera (Autofocus, 3D-4KResolution, Optical Image          Stabilization, Live Photo, Tough Focus, Face and Smile Detection, HDR           Photo.

Camera Features (Front)
8-10 MP Front Facing Camera, Tough Focus, Face and Smile Detection,           Auto Focus, Live Photo.

3. Colour Feature –                Silver/Jet Black, Gold (Eye and Fingerprint Scanner, Retina Display)     

4. Memory (GB) –                64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB
5. Operating System (OS) –         iOS 12 or iOS 12.3.2
6. RAM –                          4GB – 8GB
7. Video Recording –            160p @ 30fps, 1080p @ 60fps
8. Sensors –                        
Thermometer, SPO2, Heart Rate, ShockProof, Dust Proof, Compass and             Barometer

9. Release Date    –                    Early 2018

10. Processor –                        A-12

11. Price –                            $ 1300 USD

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