Linkcollider Review – How to Get No. 1 Rankings on Google Free

How to Get No. 1 Rankings on Google Free

Today, i would be giving out a full review on Linkcollider in 2018 – a powerful platform to help improve Google page rank, get backlinks, improve SEO, optimize your social media profiles with social signals.

This article is a MUST READ article for bloggers who have no readers or visitors yet to enable them rank easily on low competition keywords all for free. If you are blogger and you are ready to rank on Google Page 1 with Linkcollider’s free SEO tools, you need this article.

Linkcollider helps to increase social signals, improves SEO, increases backlinks through white hat methods which looks as natural as possible and then ranks you on Google 1st page with low competition keywords.

Before we rush into the linkcollider review, let’s understand few things about Linkcollider and get to know what the Free Social Signal Platoform is all about.

Linkcollider Review – How to Get No. 1 Rankings on Google Free


LinkCollider is a quite popular and free website ranking tool that makes use of social sharing, content sharing or social media sites such as; Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, WordPress, Google Plus, Pinterest, Youtube, Tumblr posts, stumbleupon posts and autosurf to increase SEO and web traffic (search engine traffic) SET.

Linkcollider offers a very high Opportunity to increase traffic to your website, improve Google page rank, get backlinks, improve SEO, optimize your social media profiles and all these free of cost

I am very sure that if you own a blog/website, this offer is quite appealing to you and most of the features of Linkcollider will make your blog very successful.

How to Increase Traffic? Yea, this is the million dollar question for any blog or a business website owner because more traffic means more revenue and popularity for you and your website.

If you are desperately looking for ways to drive huge amount of traffic to your newly created site, you must look at Linkcollider as they can change you and your blog positively with huge amount of traffic monthly and huge amount of traffic simply means high revenue for you and your blog as long as you use their services and earn reasonable amount of points.

Let me introduce you to Linkcollider, a simple and easy to use free service to boost your website traffic. If you own a comparatively new website with low traffic and no social media stand, Linkcollider has the potential to play a very important role in providing you that much needed initial push to move ahead, along with traffic Linkcollider also helps you to optimize social media profiles by increasing share and followers. ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

Linkcollider offers some very interesting tools that helps to improve SEO, some of them are;

  1. Backlinks Generator – Recommended
  2. Article Rewriter – Recommended
  3. Dropmylink: For building Gov and Edu Backlinks all for free
  4. Social Bookmarking
  5. Free Search Engine Submission
  6. Linkshortener
  7. HTML Format For SEO
  8. Keyword Tools
  9. Character Counter
  10. Sitemap Generator
  11. Plagiarism Checker Tool
  12. Page Rank Checker
  13. Alexa Rank Checker
  14. Spintax Tester/Compiler
  15. Article Spinner/Rewriter

Linkcollider Review: Merits and Demerits

Linkcollider is a very effective and useful platform to build backlinks and rank on 1st Page with low competition keywords.


  • Completely free SEO tools to Increase your Pageview from 0-365k monthly.
  • Build powerful and safe backlinks
  • Powerful Keyword Research tools for better ranking
  • Free, effective and powerful tools
Members using the free version will not be allowed to use the following features which are very powerful, helpful and effective.
  • No Auto-Blacklink Generation monthly: Only premium members will have access to this feature. Linkcollider will automatically generate backlinks to all sites of Premium members. An average of 3 backlinks of 40 DA, 60 PA on will be given to premium members monthly.
  • As a free member you dont expect linkcollider to give you all their tools for free! Wake up man, some tools are limited and only open to Premium members


How do i get social signals? Let me answer that question first before moving to the next one.
Social signals are likes, votes, pins, retweets, shares people place on Facebook, Twitter, Google Pl;us, LinkedIn and WordPress or Blogger Blogs. Don’t forget that Google also ranks your blog with social signals, without social signals your are missing out and your rankings on Google will drop by 21%.

For the next question, How do i get Social signals to rank my blog on Google Page #1.


We’ve been talking about linkcollider and its review from the beginning of my post but we have not yet emphasized much on that aspect, this is where the action comes in from Linkcollider.

How do i get social signals on Linkcollider?

Step 1: Signup on Linkcollider here, there is a free version and a Premium one also for $19.99 Monthly. I prefer you go for the premium version for a month, it contains lots of interesting and effective features such as; Maximum of 20 Websites, +5,000 Tokens upon Purchase, Receive Activities 20% More Faster, Auto Generate Backlinks Monthly, Set Token Budget, Set Daily Activity Cap, No Activity Limit  

Step 2: Add your Site URL (e.g IIf you don’t know how to add your site URL kindly click on the Add New Website Tab >>> Include the Title, URL and Description.

Linkcollider Review - How to Get No. 1 Rankings on Google Free

Step 3: In the reward field, kindly set how much tokens you will give to the other users of LinkCollider every time they gave you activity. (e.g. like, tweet, followers, subscribers, web traffic, etc.) you can start with a minimum of 20 tokens or 30 tokens to gain more exposure.

Linkcollider Review - How to Get No. 1 Rankings on Google Free
Step 4: Fill the captcha form below and click on submit. After submitting your site URL, kindly wait for some minutes or even hours before you start getting notifications about shares, likes, +1’s, retweets, blog posts and views you’ve got.
If you subscribed for the free plan you need to get more points by Liking Facebook Pages of other people which is highly recommended because Liking Facebook Pages gives more points than other tasks on Linkcollider.
Linkcollider Review - How to Get No. 1 Rankings on Google Free
The Premium users do not have to worry because they will be given over 30,000+ points on Signup for free alongside other Premium features which are hidden from the free users.☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️
As time goes on, linkcollider informs you of shares, +1’s, likes, retweets, blog posts e.t.c through notifications on the webpage. 
Linkcollider Review - How to Get No. 1 Rankings on Google Free


I remembered earlier in this post where i wrote about the features of Linkcollider and i mention Backlink generation, Yea!!! its possible. You can generate backlinks from Linkcollider with 150 points from a domain with at least 5-10 DA and 1-5 PA for free.

>>> Click here to learn how I got over 12 Backlinks from .edu and .gov websites☺️☺️☺️☺️

Backlinks are somewhat of a popularity contest. If people like your site and they like your content, they want to share your information with the world.

You can rank on Page 1 of google with any low competition keyword and this is done through backlinking and major search engines use the amount of backlinks your site has as a way to gauge how popular your site – outside of website traffic. Backlinks can increase your ranking on search engines and get new people to find your site.

How to get Backlinks with points from Linkcollider?

Step 1: Click on SEO Tools >>> Backlinks Generator

Step 2: A new page will appear where you can fill the information of the site you want to generate backlink(s) for. Select the URL from the list.

Linkcollider Review - How to Get No. 1 Rankings on Google Free

Step 3: I hope you can see the big green button saying “Next” in the diagram above, kindly click on it. Now, a new page will appear where you have to select the number of backlinks to generate for your post. The diagram below will explain better.

Linkcollider Review - How to Get No. 1 Rankings on Google Free

Step 4: Fill the captcha and click on the big green button saying “GENERATE BACKLINK”. That’s all you have to do for now☺️☺️☺️, you just have to wait for your backlink to be automatically indexed by google or by submitting it manually to Google by using this free tool on linkcollider.


I know after following my instructions carefully, you will be able to rank on Google’s first Page on any low competition keyword with the help of linkcollider

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