Major difference between 4 Wheel Drive and All Wheel Drive vehicle

This is the major difference between a 4WD
and a AWD vehicle

4 Wheel Drives (4WD)

As may have guessed already, in a 4-wheel drive car, all the
power is distributed to all four wheels of the car. This means
all the tyres are fully powered and are in full motion. There
are two types of 4 Wheel drives. We have the part-time 4
wheel-drives and the full-time 4 wheel drives.

Part-time 4 wheel drive
You can drive your SUV as a 2WD. The car is
normally in a rear-wheel drive mode but you can decide
to transfer power to all four tyres thereby locking the front
and rear together. This is good because on the highway, you
drive in rear-wheel mode but in the mud or snow, you engage
the 4WD mode. This wheel save your tyres from unnecessary

Full-time 4 wheel drive
This means that all four wheels are been powered at all times.
It doesn’t matter if you’re on the highway or off-road. All the
tyres are moving at the same rate and speed. The major
disadvantage of this is that, the tyres will suffer damage too
often and easily. Example of a full time 4 wheel drive is Land
Rover Discovery.

All wheel-drives (AWD)
This as a computerized 4 wheel-drive SUV.
The car which detects when it should
transfer power to the front wheels or back wheel or go into
full 4WD mode. It’s not locked together, so you’re not
skittering around corners. In case of 4WD, everything is
manually done, but in an AWD scenario, it’s the car that
makes that decision.

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