MekaMon – The anime-styled Robot You Can Control With Your Phone

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From all my experience, it is very obvious that people really want to watch robots fight, watching two mechanical bots fight in a real life battle is pretty satisfying. The $300 MekaMon will be officially launched today (11th November, 2017) in the apple store, the new MekaMon anime-styled robot can be physically controlled with your smartphone, they also have unique and amazing features too; the bot can climb around the physical world while using AR to add some virtual weaponry for full experience. 


Every MekaMon is a 2.2-pound spider-like (i.e it has some features of a spider) robot with a round torso’ that can practically fit into your hand. The MekaMon’s practice shells are designed in a military way, the MekaMon’s have four legs that they can use to run around the streets of Tokyo. Like i said earlier ‘the new MekaMon anime-styled robot can be physically controlled with your smartphone’ .Yes, the robots are controlled through your iOS or Android App, the iOS or Android App is fully loaded with lots of options and commands you can use to control your robot effectively to provide great results.


The MekaMon is more or less a battle bot, the MekaMon is specially built for battle. The iOS  or Android App has two combat modes, there is one for single player and the other one helps to create virtual opponents for you to fight, interesting right? When two bots are playing a battle game, the moment gets more interesting, one player sets up a battle on his/her device while the other player joins in to play. Yes, you can also set up a battle arena with obstacles that robots have to climb over or avoid.
The assaults are identified through infrared sensors, similar to the Laser Tag matches of your childhood. Also, much the same as your adolescence companions, the MekaMon dials up the show, pulling back when hit and falling in vanquish when its live is exhausted. These responses make each fight feel somewhat more instinctive, which is vital when there’s no genuine physical contact included. 

Despite the fact that they’re intended to stay away from really hitting each other, each MekaMon can get destroyed. The body is made of sturdy plastic and ought to survive some mishandle because of kids or envious pets. I even inadvertently directed coincidental a table, yet it arrived on its feet and proceeded on its way without any issues. In the event that parts fell off they could have effortlessly be flown back on or supplanted totally which simply implies that, each MekaMon is planned to be modded for that additional individual touch.


The MekaMon is probably designed for battle, but its instinct legs and programming tics also have the effect of making it feel more organic and familiar. Most robots especially the COZMO use an expressive face or cute voice to generate empathy, but all the spider-like MekaMon needs is a crab-like shuffle and some hilariously over dramatic death poses.

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