Microsofts AI Powered App Will Help you Learn Chinese

For individuals learning Chinese, Microsoft can now help you fill that void with a new iOS app that can act as an always present, AI Chinese language learning assistant. This free Microsfot Learn Chinese application is now officially available on Apple’s iOS store.
Microsoft AI app will help you learn Chinese

This Microsoft Learn Chinese aims to solve problems of any language learner that is having a hard time learning Chinese. This Learn Chine app includes lessons for both beginners and intermediates, the lesson for beginners help the users to learn short words and even sentences while the lesson for intermediates are the interactive lessons that helps the user learn how to speak Chinese fluently.

This special iOS or Android app uses various Artificial Intelligence tools like deep neural networks that will help to figure out what exactly you are trying to say and also evaluate your pronunciation effectively, the AI has been fully trained on data from native Chinese speakers as well as Microsoft’s new text-to-speech technology. DOWNLOAD YOUR MICROSOFT LEARN CHINESE APP FROM APPLE STORE HERE.
Microsoft are trying to craft an idea to provide users with a reliable way to implement the Chinese language without any real life conversation or communication. This AI-powered app helps to address the issue of leveraging your speech and natural language processing technology, while using the iOS app, you get scored on your speaking ability and the AI-powered app will also help you highlight words you need to work on, plus an additional sample audio for you to hear how the words are being correctly pronounced.


I don’t think this will be the last from Microsoft because they are still working on producing an AI-Powered application that can teach you how to speak French language without any physical communication with a person, other improvement are coming soon from Microsoft so don’t expect this to be the last AI-Powered Microsoft Learn Chinese App from them. Kindly drop comments on your thought about this latest improvement from Microsoft and also share this post with friends below.
Credits: Engadget

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