MTN Data Plan Subscription Codes 2018

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MTN Data Plan and Subscription Codes 2018
MTN has tidied up its internet data data plan subscriptions making it simple to pick the one that is ideal for you. You now have only seven MTN Data Plan to look over in 2018.

There are relatively cheap browsing plans for new customers and phone browsing and also specials data plans for low and high data users. It’s your choice to make!!!

Other Mobile Networks in Nigeria likewise MTN offers pay-as-you-go data plans (PAYG), hourly data plans, daily data plans, weekly data plans and also monthly data plan subscription for its customers.

In my article today, you will find the latest and the best data plans offered by MTN in 2018 because it is a good idea to choose a browsing bundle that meets your requirements, which is exactly what i am providing for you.

You can dial *131# on your mobile phone to get more information about MTN data plans and subscription.

MTN Data Plan Prices:

  • MTN Cheap Browsing for Mobile, 1GB (24/7 30 days) –    N1000
  • 1.5GB MTN mobile data plan (24/7 30 days) –                    N1200 Naira
  • 2.5GB MTN mobile data plan (24/7 30 days) –                    N2000 Naira
  • 5GB MTN mobile data plan (24/7 30 days) –                       N3500 Naira
  • 10GB MTN data plan (24/7 30 days) –                                 N5,000 NGN
  • 22GB MTN data plan (24/7, 30 days) –                                N10,000
  • 50GB MTN data plan (24/7, 60 days) –                                N20,000
  • 85GB MTN data plan (24/7, 90 days) –                                N50,000
  • MTN Daily data plan for mobile, 50MB (24 hours) –          N100 Naira
  • 500MB MTN Weekly data plan for mobile (24/7, 7 days) –N500 NGN
  • MTN Daily data plan, 150MB (24 hours) –                          N200

MTN Pay As You Go Data (PAYG) Data Plan:

MTN Pay As You Go Data is not a bad data bundle you know, but it really consumes much more money than normal data plan subscriptions. 
MTN currently charges 5 kobo/KB for pay as you go (PAYG) browsing. Browsing on pay as you go is  very expensive for most users, so the plan is not quite popular. It is a very good idea to switch to any MTN internet data plan, either daily, weekly or monthly data plan as they offer more value for money or WHAT DO YOU THINK?

MTN Data Plan Activation/Subscription Codes

Kindly follow my simple instructions below to active your MTN network with any preferred MTN data plan as listed above. 
  • MTN Cheap Browsing Plan for Mobile, 1GB (24/7 30 days) –  text 106 to 131 – N1000 NGN
  • 1.5GB MTN data plan (24/7 30 days) – text 130 to 131 – N1200 NGN
  • MTN 2.5GB mobile data plan (24/7 30 days) – text 110 to 131 – N2000 NGN
  • 5GB MTN data plan (24/7 30 days) – text 107 to 131 – N3500 Naira
  • 10GB MTN data plan (24/7 30 days) – text 116 to 131 – N5000 Naira
  • 22GB MTN data plan (24/7 30 days) – text 117 to 131 – N10000 Naira
  • 50GB MTN data plan (24/7 60 days) – text 118 to 131 – N20000 NGN
  • 85GB MTN data plan (24/7 90 days) – text 133 to 131 – N50000 NGN
  • MTN Daily data plan for mobile, 100MB (24 hours) – SMS 104 to 131 – N100
  • 750MB Weekly browsing for mobile, 500MB – text 103 to 131 – N500
  • MTN Daily data plan, 150MB – text 113 to 131 – N200

How To Check Your MTN Data Balance

Checking your MTN Data balance is the most easiest thing i have ever done, but i don’t know if it is as easy as i think it is for you. Below are the two ways you can check your mtn data balance;
  1. Dial *131*4# on your MTN line to get your data balance or;
  2. Simply SMS 2 to 131 – As easy as A,B,C…

Configuration Settings For MTN Data Plan Subscriptions:

For most of us that our SIM Cards do not configure automatically over the air after buying or subscribing to any of the MTN data plans listed above, kindly rush down here with a cup of coffee and follow my instructions carefully;
While sipping your cup of coffee , kindly follow any of the two (2) steps listed below to configure your MTN line over the air automatically or manually.
  1. Make sure to purchase a data bundle from MTN before using this service. To get your 2G/3G/4G settings automatically, text SETTINGS to 3888 on your MTN line. or;
  2. Manually;    Account name: MTN GPRS
    Access point name (APN):
    IP Address:
    Port: 8080 (for HTML) or 9201 (for WAP)
    Username: web
    Password: web


MTN 1GB data plan offers 30 days full internet access to new and esteemed customers of MTN for N1,000. 

Esteemed users of MTN will also be eligible to a 500MB data bonus when they purchase the N1,000 monthly data plan. 
The 500MB bonus given by MTN can only by used from 1AM-7AM daily. Note: AM not PM. To purchase this MTN data plan, kindly SMS 106 to 131 or follow the instructions above.


This MTN Data plan is the best to browse on your PC or work area. It offers all day, every day (dependably on) Internet access to paid ahead of time MTN supporters for a 30-day term at a cost of 5,000 NGN. 
The MTN Data Plan is constrained to 10GB data (formally 5GB) every month. To purchase this heavy data plan offer for 30-days simply SMS 116 to 131. 


The 22GB Data Plan is another energizing bundle from MTN. This MTN Data plan is the best if utilized with a remote switch to fabricate a hotspot in your home or office. 
With the hotspot you can associate numerous gadgets cell phones, workstations, work area, set best boxes, and so on. You get every minute of every day (dependably on) Internet access for a 30-day time span at a cost of 10,000 NGN. 
The MTN Data Plan is restricted to 22GB every month. To move to this 30-day MTN Data Plan SMS 117 to 131. 


The MTN 750 Data Plan is another Popular Data Plan because of its affordability and durability. This Data Plan is best utilized on a smartphone but you can also share it as hotspot for your personal computer at home or workplace.
The Internet access is for 7 days (1 week) at a cost of N500. To subscribe to this wonderful MTN data plan, kindly SMS 103 to 131

How to stop MTN Data Plan Auto-renewal

How to stop MTN data plan auto-renewal has always been one problem for MTN data plan subscribers which makes them not want to subscribe, Anyways; here’s how to solve that problem:
  1. The first method is to send NO+Data bundle code to 131, e.g. If you subscribe to any MTN data plan by a code; let’s say the weekly plan by sending 104 to 131. To stop auto renewal you have to send NO104 to 131.
  2. The second and most easiest method for me so far is to send STOPDATA to 131, All active data auto renewal subscriptions will be cancelled.

Writer’s Review

The MTN data plans are quite affordable with very excellent speed. Most of the data plans might be a little too expensive but they are worth it, i personally subscribed to the MTN 10GB DATA PLAN for one month with N5,000 and it was absolutely worth it. The speed was superb and i was also given a 1GB bonus as an esteemed customer though.
The 750MB weekly plan for N500 is also worth a try but i don’t like going for weekly or even daily plans on MTN because it is considered a waste of money in my own view.
I have taken much time to compile this MTN Data Plans and Subscription Codes for my readers, with much efforts i have put in this article, i deserve a share and a comment from you. It won’t take your time, just a second. Kindly Share and Comment.

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