Shocking Things You can do with your android volume keys

This application is a very easy to use application which makes it user friendly, the application does not require any ROOT therefore, it will be stress-free.

Install QuickClick APP on your Android Smartphone

Download From PlayStore here
Download From External Link here

7. You can take Photos directly from your Camera, open your camera app in Phone and press any volume key.
8. Record videos secretly with opening your video camera and even when screen is off with volume keys.
9. Turn On/Off Flashlight when there is a blackout you can open you flashlight from specific Phone Sequences with volume.

10. Play Music or Videos: You can Play Music on your android devices by opening your music player selecting your music to play and and specify phone sequence volume.
11. Use Volume keys as a power button when your Power on key is dead or bad

If you’ve got any other volume key tricks, Kindly share them below by using our comment box.

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