Sonos One Review: Cheap Smart Speakers with Voice Control

If you want clearer music, then look no further because the Sonos One is here to give you a clearer music more than what you can get from any Google Home or Echo smart speakers so look no further.

Sonos One Review
Sonos One Review (2017)

With the help of the Sonos One smart speakers, so many individuals out there can now upgrade their audio setup in their homes with smart speakers like the Sonos one while also getting the convenience of its voice controls.

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The Sonos One Smart Speaker has really impressed me a lot due to its dynamic, clear and loud sound that out-stands that of Google Home or the Echo. The Echo was announced three weeks ago as at the time of writing this post. The only attribute that the Sonos One lacks is the bass performance, if i must say the bass performance of the Smart speaker is very poor but at least it has good stereo separation that i cherish so much and it also has improved clarity.

As well its predecessors, you can tune the Sono smart speaker using the TRUE PLAY feature, the TRUE PLAY feature makes use of the mic on you iPhone to analyse your room and optimize the sound of the smart speakers depending on where you might have dropped it. The Automatic True Play feature impresses me a lot in the One’s Smart Speaker because it makes control very easy and stress free.

Before i forget, the Sono is also a mono-speaker because you can pair two Sonos One Smart Speaker together and increased volume and high quality stereo balance. I will prefer one Sonos Smart Speaker but people that are interested in high audio quality unlike me will appreciate having a pair of this Smart speakers.

In this part, the Alexa Integration comes in – If you are buying the Sonos One and you do not want any music player application but instead, you want to control it with your voice. Yes, this feature is available in the new Sonos One that lets you control the smart speaker with your voice. This feature functions the same way it functions on the Echo Smart Speakers as well as Google Home, Alexa Integration simply implies that you can now ask your Sonos One to start playing any song for you. Be it a song, album, playlist etc. The Alexa Integration also lets you select different services for music library and stations. 

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Also, with the Alexa integrations, you can ask your smart speaker to high or lower the volume and also pause or skip tracks automatically. The most interesting part of the Sonos One is that you can also send songs to other sonos smart speakers using the same Alexa Integration.

Perfect audio quality for the price
Excellent communication technique – Sonos lets you control your music with your voice.
The Sonos Smart Speaker has an attractive, inconspicuous and well designed body.
It works with almost every music service you can use
The alexa integration works exactly the same here as on the Echo.
The Sonos can easily connects to all speakers for multi room audio.
The Sonos is expected to get Google Assistant and Air play 2 next year (2017).
The Sonos One will be sold at a very affordable rate – $199
Also the smart speaker will be release 24th October 2017

Sonos voice command cannot function with all music services, it can function with only few.
The Spotify voice command will also be added next (2017) alongside the Google Assistant and Air Play 2.
Setup process is a bit confusing so you might need a specialist.

The new Sonos One Smart Speaker apparently offers good and quality music that out-stands your average Bluetooth and smart speakers due to its full Alexa experience, which simply implies that this is the first Sono you can control with your voice. The Sono one is a must have smart speaker for your home or bedroom.

The Sono one features the same rounded rectangular shape of its predecessor, the Play:1 but it adds a little design and lots of special features that makes it look unique or different. One of the special features that i am talking about here is that the Sono One does not come with a physical button unlike the Play:1. But instead, the One’s top surfaces doubles to form a touch panel. On the other side of the surface, they are spots to tap that will automatically increase and as well reduce the volume of the Smart Speaker.

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The top surfaces also have special buttons by it side such as; a play or pause at the center and before i forget, by sliding your finger to the left or right it automatically helps to navigate to the next track (forward/backward) .

There are only two LED lights on top of the speaker, the first light helps to show when the device is functioning or when the device is having problems connecting to the internet while the second light is underneath a microphone icon; it helps to show when the six microphone array is functioning or not

The similarity between the Sonos One and the Play:1 is that the One uses the same audio component as those found in the Play:1 but other internal layouts are designed to match the microphones and they were able to make this necessary changes in the Smart Speaker without affecting its its weight, size or even the shape.

The Alexa integration helps to do so many things things in your home such as; synchronizing your calender’s and  reminders to Alexa, get weather forecast and news updates, and also add so many other services that Amazon’s service will support.

To wrap it all up, Sonos One will be the best selling Sonos Smart Speaker at a very cheap rate of $199 and with a very reliable reason it offers more and better music quality than your average Bluetooth Smart Speakers. The Sonos one also added the voice control feature with the help of Alexa integration. 
For users considering the Google Home and Echo Smart Speakers, i would like you all to consider the Sonos One as well.

The Sonos One smart speaker will be released for sale around the world on the 24th October, 2017. I will recommend this smart speaker for homes, it will surely work right out of the box as an alexa-enabled smart speaker and also it will support more music services which makes you deep your feet more and more into the Sonos ecosystem.

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