Sony AIBO Robot Pet Dog is Making a Come Back

After a very long wait, the Sony’s new Aibo pet dog is now officially released and its definitely going to make a return. The first dog like robot was launched in 1999, the sony sibo robot dog features an OLED eyes for nuanced expressions and a fish eye camera to recognize individual faces. The array of movement and sound intend to make Aibo more life like and don’t forget that it is also capable of responding to voice control commands to make its owner happy.
sony aibo robot dog
sony aibo robot dog

The new Sony’s AIBO pet dog is also capable of understanding and learning the layout of your entire house in a very short period of time, it possesses this Roomba-style to avoid obstacles and take the best twists and turns between locations in your apartment. The new sony aibo bot dog also features a LTE and Wi-FI, some sensors, motors, gyroscopes, four microphone and speakers for sound and effective communication with the owner, all of these are well packed in a quad-core CPU inside the robot.

The AIBO DOG BOT also has a very powerful powerful battery that lasts for approximately 5 hours and takes only two hours to charge fully, extended play sessions could affect the battery life.
Pre-orders for the new dog robot will commence tonight via Sony’s online store in Japan for about 179,000 yen or $1739, N620,000 in Nigerian currency or 181,000 kenyan shilling and shipments of the dog robot will commence on 11th January, 2018. But tonight it is scheduled for launch in japan only.

You can develop your pet dog by using its My AIBO app which is available on iOS, android and PC version is also available. The Application can help manage settings, access photos and also play a virtual version of the dog, you can also buy new tricks for your dog bot from the Aibo store online to help your bot gain new experience (upgrade) as sessions change or the bots are outdated.

The new Sony AIBO BOT DOG is as much as an entertainment device but don’t think it will be the last from SONY.

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