Top 8 SEO Tricks to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

Top 8 SEO Tricks to Get More Traffic to Your Blog
Top 8 SEO Tricks to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

Top 8 SEO Tricks to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

#1 – Incorporate Keywords in Titles
First of all, if you want to increase the traffic to your blog, make sure that you incorporate keywords in
the titles of all your blogs. Remember, people search by keywords, and using keywords in blog titles
can help make it easier for people to find your blog.


#2 – Use Keywords in Blog Categories
When you set up your blog categories, you’ll help to increase your blog traffic if you use keywords in
those blog categories. When you create categories that have good keywords, it will make a url for each
post that is SEO friendly.

#3 – Allow People to Subscribe
Allowing people to subscribe to your blog is a great idea as well. This is called syndicating your blog.
Make sure you do your best to make signing up very easy for the visitors to your blog so they’ll come

back again and again.

#4 – Use the Right Keywords
The right keywords on your blog can make it hot and help to get even more traffic to the site. Take
some time to do some keyword research so you incorporate the best keywords. This will make it easier
for people to find you via search engines, since you’ll be using highly visible keywords.


#5 – Comment on the Blogs of Others
More ways to bring more traffic in to your blog is to comment on the blogs of others. However, these
posts should make senses and add value. Make sure that you use your real name or the name of your

blog and avoid using keywords in the name field.

 #6 – Make Use of Blog Directories
There are many blog directories out there today, such as GoGuides, DMOZ, and JoeAnt, to name a
few. Make sure that you make use of these directories. Usually they have special categories for blogs
that will allow you to have your blog listed in a specific related category. This can help you bring more
traffic to your site.

 #7 – Track Backs Can Help
If you happen to talk about a quote from another blog and the blog is relevant to the subject you are
talking about, you may want to use a track back. This helps to build the popularity of your links and you
may get some readers from that site to come to visit yours. Basically a track back will show a list of
blogs that refer to a certain blog post.

 #8 – Offer RSS Feeds that Deliver to Emails
Last of allconsider using RSS feeds that deliver your blog posts to emails. Many people prefer
reading blogs by email instead of actually having to visit the blog each day. So, this is a great way to
increase traffic and make sure that you keep your readers as well.

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