Top 8 Ways to Make Money From Your [SEO-Optimized] Blog

how to monitize blog
HOW to make money from your blog
Monetizing your traffic is important. Blog monetization is nothing without traffic and traffic isuseless without effective monetization. So while you are busy with SEO to drive traffic to your site, you need to pay some attention to monetization.
But how can that be done
In this post, we look at some of the best and most effective ways to monetize your [possibly SEO-optimized] blog or website, so that it starts bringing in the regular income you deserve.  Ready to convert your traffic to raw cash? Let’s do it:

1. Place Sponsored Advertisement

Make money from your blog with ads involves some spaces on prominent areas within your site to display third-party ads.  To make a lot of money through ad placement, your blog should be receiving a good amount of traffic, as how much you make directly depends on how many people click on the ads. You may decide to get the ads from major advertising platform like Google AdSense or work directly with advertisers and get them to pay you
Earn money with blog

Here are types of ads that you can place on your blog:
  • Pay per click (PPC) ads
  • Text link ads
  • Cost per mile (CPM)
  • CPA
  • Pop-ups
  • Paid reviews or sponsored posts
  • Etc.

2. Create an Email List
Why? Because if you build a sizable email list, that’s traffic you can tap into whenever you want. It’s also totally under your control.
Email Subscribers build list

You can sell them whatever you want, if you feel like.
Most every successful bloggers online say that building an email list is the single wisest and most helpful thing they’ve done in their business. They’ve also attested to making the larger percentage of their income through their email lists.
3. Affiliate Products promotion

Chances are that there are several companies online who sell products and/or services that are related or relevant to your blog niche. Most of these companies run affiliate programs with which you can bring in a decent amount of recurring income.
How does affiliate marketing work?
How Does Affiliate marketing works

Here is an explanation:
This involves promoting the product or service of a relevant company using a  link that’s created just for you. Some affiliates can pay as high as 70 percent of the purchase amount, but it mostly starts around 30 percent or more.
Affiliate marketing model

all you need is to sign up and start adding links to your content naturally, and you might be smiling to the bank next soon.

4. Information Marketing
There are two ways you can sell information on your website.
  • Creating and sell an eCourse
  • Creating and sell an eBook
Both are brings cash and can turn you into a money-spinner , if your site attracts a good amount of traffic.

Internet library

Typically, the content you sell should fall in line with your blog niche.
High engaging online courses
You can promote it on your blog, email list, social media, or even on online marketplaces like Amazon (for ebooks) and Udemy (for ecourses).

5. Offer Various Freelance Service
online usage
Some services you can offer as a freelancer include:
  • Web designing
  • Internet App development
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Online video production
  • Content creation

6. Start an Online Coaching or Consulting Service

If you have a flair for teaching and helping people one-on-one, then this might just be the perfect monetization strategy for you.
Online coaching and consulting have some similarities, but are different. However, they basically involve working directly with motivated clients to either give them advice based on your expertise or help them actually do something.
For instance, if you specialize in SEO, there are people who will consult with you to advise them on how to get their SEO to work. On the other hand, you may also be actually helping them optimize their websites. This is just a simple example as both online coaching and consulting involve a lot more than this.
CEOs getting coaching in

The bottom line is this:
You can be making a really good amount of money off of your blog traffic simply by offering to advice or help them through coaching or consulting, or both. Simply mention it on your blog or create a dedicated page for it. Set your rates, and grab the phone or some video chat software to start helping people.
And you can be doing this working from home. Which sort of keeps you safe from the troubles faced by the world’s 3.2 billion workers.
Workers up growing rate

Some other benefits of online coaching/consulting business model?
  • You get to create an intimate bond and relationship with your students. This can last a lifetime and consistently attracts new business for you.
  • You begin to understand your audience’s deepest and most profound needs and frustrations. This information is marketing gold for other products you create and sell.
  • You get to build a reputation as an authority.

7. Sell Software Online

By now, you already know what Small SEO Tools is about — we create premium-standard SEO tools. Although all of our software are free to use, you can create your own tool and attach pricing to it.
This can be:
  • Android apps
  • iOS apps
  • Windows software
  • Web-based applications
  • And so on.
8. Sell Physical Products
Making money from your blog is not only  limited to selling a digital product or service only. Physical product is  another option you can try.
As far as it concerns  making money online , selling physical goods are as profitable as their digital counterparts. The only attachment is that selling physical goods may require a bit more effort and more upfront financial commitment than digital goods do.
However, there are a variety of tangible products you can sell online.
online store

Some of those are:
  • Hardware (modern technology)
  • T-shirt (possibly custom-branded. If you’ve got a group of die-hard followers, they’ll be excited to buy out)
  • Your CD
  • Your artwork
  • Your own invention — assuming you’re a food blogger who has invented a new kitchen item that makes extracting juice from fruits way simpler, you can use your food blog to launch your new product.

The main idea is to use your existing audience to jump start sales of physical products, to prove that there is demand for the product, and finally get it in stores. But be sure to focus on solving problems and making life easier for customers with your products.

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