Trick To View Photos on Free Facebook Mode

All my free browsing cheats lovers i have something very unique for you that is a quite unpopular topic, the reason why it is unpopular is because most tech bloggers do not have any idea about it, today i will be showing you how to use this little trick of mine to view photos on free Facebook mode for free.

Trick To View Photos on Free Facebook Mode
View Photos on Free Facebook For Free

So many users out there don’t have the opportunity or the view photos on free Facebook because they do not have enough money to buy data plans or their data plans are exhausted. But now everyone can enjoy viewing photos on free Facebook mode with this little trick of mine.

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How to view images on Facebook using or
This trick can only be used on a browser and i know the browser is quite unpopular so it might sound strange to some people

1. Download and install Mercury browser.
You can also download Mercury Browsers from alternative links apart from Google Play Store below:

Link 1: Download Mercury Browser
Link 2: Download Mercury Browser
Link 3: Download Mercury Browser

2. After successful download and installation of the Mercury browser kindly launch the android application.

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3. Switch on your data connection and open the installed Mercury browser.

3. Switch to your address bar and input the free facebook address::::

4. Mission Successful, now you will observe that you can view all images while you are in free mode.

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NOTE THAT: This trick works with Mercury browser only { as of the time of publishing this post}.

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