Twitter is finally rolling out a new tweetstorm feature

twitter is rolling out a new tweetstorm feature

Yes, you heard me right, like i said in my title; Twitter is finally rolling out a new tweetstorm feature.

It was recently discovered by Twitter that the admission of 280 characters in our tweet is just not enough for some people, recently, twitter announced that they will be introducing a new feature that makes the tweetstorm an official part of its service.

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twitter is rolling out a new tweetstorm feature

This new feature is rolling out now but it might take some time to get to everyone though, the key function of this so-called tweetstorm is that it allows users to compose a single thread of multiple tweets at a single time, with a new “+” menu that enables users to link more than one tweet in a single thread at a time.

This new tweetstorm feature has gone through several  tests on different smartphones and it was discovered recently that the new tweetstorm feature works effectively and efficiently on both i-Phone and Samsung smartphones. These two products offer the best user interface while using this new tweet feature so, Samsung and iOS users will get an upper hand.

Since the tweetstorms have long been popular among the power users, composing threads has not been made easy on Twitter, despite all the efforts to make it easier for some years now. Finally, it has been officially added to part of its service offered to its users. Users can create tweetstorms right from its mobile app and website, it will also make it more easier to view lengthy threads with four or more tweets via a new “show this thread” option that will “unfurl” linked tweets.

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Twitter already confirmed earlier this year that they will releasing the tweetstorm feature, but this is the first time it will be made available beyond beta testers. 

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