Unlock Your Computer Password With Just Three Steps


For my users that cannot get access to their computer after forgetting their password i have written this article most especially for you all. But I do not expect you to use this methods that will be stated below to hack someones computer or to unlock a stolen computer (Not Right)

We have a list of options or menus you can apply to get access to your computer so please choose wisely:

  • Our first option is to Boot from Windows Installation Disk (This is the best and most reliable method you can use.
  • Our Second Option is to boot your computer in safe mode 
  • Unlock your computer with password reset disk (I have made this my last option on the list because it is very hard to achieve and not too reliable but for some users, it is a very good option.


Step 1: Request for a windows installation disk from any local seller but if you can’t find one around you there is another option you can try to buy online and it will be delivered to you within a short time. Click Here To Buy Online.

Step 2: Make sure your Personal Computer(PC) is turned off, turn it on again and insert the Windows Installation Disk into your CD Drive.

Step 3: Select F9 from your computer boot options and boot your computer from your CD Drive. Now your computer will boot from your CD and Display the Install Windows window.
Step 4: Select Repair from the options that appear from the Install Windows window, A dialog box will appear showing you the size of your Hard disk and Operating System name (Click next).

Step 5: Select Command Prompt option in the next dialog box. Now, this is the most important part of your success to unlocking your PC so you better pay attention carefully or you might end up loosing useful documents in your PC forever.

Step 6: Type the following command as shown in the diagram below, after typing the code in the diagram below, please HIT ENTER button, then it displays 1 file copied. (copy /y c:windowssystem32cmd.exe c:windowssystem32sethc.exe)
Step 7: Type exit and hit the ENTER button to close the dialog box.

Step 8: Please reboot your system to the password screen and PRESS the SHIFT key 5 Good Times to bring out the sethc.exe dialog box. Type the following command as shown in the diagram below:

Note: If you do not know the username of your computer just type NET USER and the program will automatically display the list of users on the computer and the usernames.

This method lets you login as the administrator and reset the password of any locked account on the computer.

Step 1: Boot your computer and wait for it to appear requesting you to Start Windows or it will start automatically after 30 seconds, use your arrow keys to select Safe Mode.

Step 2: Logon as the Administrator, quickly open your control panel and click on account settings, here you can now change or remove the old and forgotten password for any account, but note this is only possible because you have logged in as an in-built administrator (If your Computer is not enabled with built in administration, Click here to learn how to enable it).

This method is very difficult for those who are not used to operating their personal computer but very easy for those that are always used to their computer, before you can unlock your computer you need to copy  a password reset disk from a friend’s computer and make sure he has the same operating system as yours. 

Step 1: Start up your computer, quickly click on your control panel options.
Locate View By Options at the top right hand corner of your screen to enable small icons.

Step 2:  Select Password Reset option in the control panel menu, if you cannot find the password reset disk kindly click on your start menu and search for Password Reset Disk (You will definitely find it). Kindly select it.

Step 3: A dialog box will appear (Forgotten Password Wizard) read the instructions stated carefully and click on the Next button, quickly insert a new removable disk drive (a Flash Drive) with enough storage space and select the flash drive and click “next”.

Step 4: A dialog box will appear and requesting you to type your current password in a space given and click next but if you have not enabled password protection on your computer also click next and leave the space blank, now you created a password reset disk so quickly eject the removable disk and insert it in your computer.
Step 5: Click on Reset password below the password login screen and select the removable disk you have earlier copied your reset disk into. Follow the steps, enter your new password and your computer has been successfully unlocked.

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