Watch How an Australian Citizen Propose To The Love of His Live in Virtual Reality

Australia’s first virtual reality wedding proposal, this is the virtual reality marriage proposal with a real love story behind it. A carpenter Alex Lackovic and social worker Kelly Lynn Norman who lived in Melbourne, always joked that their relationship will definitely lead to marriage but they never knew that it would end up as a “virtual reality” engagement.

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Alex pulled off his plan thanks to Melbourne-based immersive reality experience company Zero Latency.
The company is booming in the virtual reality business on the back of a game called The Zombie Outbreak, the game is all about slaughtering zombies in a virtual reality world.

Its there that Alex took his zombie obsessed girlfriend Kelly last weekend, telling her he wanted to slay virtual zombies as a present for his upcoming birthday.
What she didn’t know was that Alex had discussed with Zero Latency four weeks earlier, requesting them to help him out with a virtual reality wedding proposal. sounds awesome right??

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Zero Latency’s chief technology officer “Scott Vandonkelaar” approved his request, got excited, and they all agreed to give it a try. 
Scott Vandonkelaar said: We wanted to do it because we love making experiences that excite people and make them happy,” and he also said that its a great opportunity to show what virtual reality can do in real life and not only in games.

Image/Video: Here is One Way To Propose To The Love of Your Live in Virtual Reality(VR)

Alex asked Kelly what her favourite place was and then he remembered that Kelly’s happiest and favourite place was at the tree out front of her grandmother’s house in South Africa.

Alex said: “Every time she thinks of her happiest place she thinks of the time she spent out there with her friends and her family as a kid”. Kelly’s parents and sisters live in Australia, but the rest of the family reside in South Africa, so he wanted a way to make her feel like she was surrounded by her entire family as he proposed to her.

Few weeks later, Zero Latency knew they were able to transport Kelly through virtually to her happy home (South Africa).
At the last weekend, Kelly and Alex happily blasting away at virtual zombies with a bunch of other Zombie Outbreak players. 

Image/Video: Here is One Way To Propose To The Love of Your Live in Virtual Reality(VR)

Suddenly, her headset reboots and teleports her to her favourite place in the world, South Africa, the virtual reality construction of the tree outside her grandmother’s place in South Africa.

Kelly was shocked and later amazed “what … is that my grandmother’s house” she asked??
Alex Said:  “I know we’ve had a joke where we feel like we’re already engaged, so I thought why not make that a “virtual reality,” engagement and drops down on one knee.

Image/Video: Here is One Way To Propose To The Love of Your Live in Virtual Reality(VR)

Finally, the penny drops, and Kelly finally realises there’s a proposal about to happen, takes her headset off, and receives her marriage proposal in real life.

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