Xbox One X Full Review – Specs, Price, Release Date

Xbox One X Full Review, Specs, Price and Buy

Xbox One X Full Review – Specs, Price, Buy, Release DateThe Xbox One X has been released and is now out for pre-order, the Xbox One X specs, price, where to buy, and full review is what i will be discussing in my article today. Microsoft’s boot-up animation is very bright, loud, and always full of surround sound bass, which will be the perfect nature of the company’s 4K gaming message. The new Microsoft’s Xbox One X is going to and will be the world’s most powerful console ever to the extent that Microsoft is beatings its chest about the Xbox One X 4K capabilities.

You all should note that the xbox one is not going to be launched with AAA games of any kind and the Xbox One X will cost $499 only, you are paying for the real hardware here if you are not aware now. If you will own the forthcoming Xbox One X, i bet you are going to be absolutely pleased with the entire improvements. 

For  a start, i’ll like to say that i am a 100% impressed and also well surprised as to how Microsoft were able to squeeze in that much power and capabilities into that small case. I noticed a very surprising improvement in the Xbox One X also, it is not as large as its Predecessor, the Xbox One S either way, it is definitely suitable to fit in an average backpack.

Xbox One X Full Review, Specs, Price and Buy

Some features and abilities haven’t changed either, i was surprisingly shocked to see that the Xbox One X has exactly the same inputs as the Xbox One S, the HDMI to connect a TV set-top box, 2 USB ports and also an ethernal port. 

Xbox One X Full Review, Specs, Price and Buy

The real power of this new Xbox is what can only be found inside that case, the Xbox One X sports a 2.3GHz 8 core Jaguar processor, a 12GB RAM size and an impressive 6 tetraflop AMD radeon GPU, thereby making the Xbox One X very fast in terms of speed. If you all can recall, the 6 tetraflop AMD radeon GPU is nearly two teraflops of any PS4 Pro you can find. On hardware alone, it’s smaller, more powerful, and even includes a 4K Blu-ray drive player over its PS4 Pro rival. To wrap it all up, on hardware alone, the Xbox One X is quite smaller, more powerful, and also includes an amazing 4K Blu-ray Player.

Microsoft have promised the Xbox One X users true 4K gaming, and this games are mostly designed for 1080p TV’s, the Xbox One X is four times more faster that the Original Xbox One itself, so its definitely capable of true 4K gaming. Microsoft also promised its users more than 150 enhanced games for the new Xbox One X but they are not completely guaranteed to be true 4K gaming

Xbox One X Full Review, Specs, Price and Buy

The Xbox One X does not compulsorily need a 4K TV before it functions, if you happen to have a 1440p gaming monitor, i am a 100% sure that the Xbox One X will support it, the new Xbox is designed to support other gaming monitors so, it doesn’t necessarily require a 4K TV.
Yes, 1080p TV owners can also use the Xbox One X and enjoy real  and pure performance. I even played Destiny 2 on the Xbox One X with a 1080p TV and it felt a lot smoother than when i played it on my Xbox One S. 

Apart from playing games all the time, the Xbox One X can also be used as an entertainment center of any kind, Its 4K Blu-ray disc drive will surely bring you 4K reality movies with Dolby Atoms and HDR 10 support alongside an impressive addition of PS4 Pro Lacks. 

Xbox One X Full Review, Specs, Price and Buy

Xbox One X users can also use HDMI in port to connect up a Chromecast or perhaps watch TV through your cable set-top box with the all-in-one Xbox’s OneGuide. Microsoft recently stepped back from some of its entertainment commitments but i think the Xbox One X is still a very strong solid case to watch entertainment movies and also playing games.

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