You Can Now Go Live on Instagram With a Friend

A very wonderful improvement have been made from the popular social media network, Instagram is now letting users go live with a friend and from the look of things it will be very similar to the Live Broadcast on Facebook. With Instagram, users can now invite anyone who’s currently watching their broadcast to join but the thing there is that only two people can broadcast at the same time which can bee seen through a divided screen (Broadcaster – Above while the Guest will be below). 

go life on instagram
go life on instagram

The owner of a broadcast can easily add or remove any user at any time as he pleases and whenever he wants to. But instead of a single live circle you will get to see only two circles on top of each other practically dividing the screen.

This feature has already been added and it will take its effect from today, you can start testing yours now, you can hang out with friends on Instagram and go live together, whether you are at home or at work.
go life on instagram
go life on instagram

The Live video helps you share in a very unique way but can also be intimidating sometimes when you are on your own, i mean all alone and no one to go live with. It is very easy to add anyone who is currently watching your live video, simply tap the new icon on the bottom right and tap ADD to add your friend who is currently watching. Don’t forget that you can also remove and add any friend or guest who is currently watching your video at anytime or they can even choose to exit on their own.
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“Starting today, we’re testing a fun way to go live with a friend. Now, you can hang out and go live together, whether you’re just doing homework or catching up on your day.

You can remove your guest and add someone else at any time, or they can also choose to exit on their own. Share your live video to stories when your broadcast has ended, or choose “Discard” and your live video will disappear from the app as usual.

Since introducing live video in November, millions of people have used it to connect with friends and followers in an authentic way. Now, you can have even more fun connecting with people in the moment”

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